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Oral Rehabilitation

The proper diagnosis plays a key role in achieving successful results through the right treatment. It allows to coordinate as in this case report all necessary steps such as the regeneration of bone, implant placement, making porcelain and resin veneers, free metal crowns. Predictable results are achieved for the benefit of the patient: the satisfaction of a desired smile.

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Oral Rehabilitation

The complete oral rehabilitation is where all the restorative parameters are combined. Implantology to replace missing teeth, fixed prosthesis, biomechanical, functional and aesthetic principles to design accurately the entire masticatory system and get rid of removable dentures. Thus, giving the patient confidence in chewing and smiling with harmonious teeth in optimal balance.

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Dental Implant and Metal Free Crowns

This patient is missing one tooth and has a maladjusted and decayed metal bridge. Missing tooth to be rehabilitated with an implant.   The integration of free metal crowns Zirconia occurs naturally. In short all front teeth rehabilitation require special handling and care.

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Crowns and Dental Implants

A challenge in oral rehabilitation is when the position and leveling of the teeth needs to be corrected. Patient comes with defective metal base crowns and fractured roots. Careful diagnosis and planning made to successful aesthetic and functional results. For this patient porcelain veneers, inlays, metal free crowns and dental implants where all developed in balance with patient’s natural teeth.

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 Inferior Dental Implant

Replacing a single lower front tooth with an implant represents a major challenge. These teeth are smaller in neck diameter which makes them difficult to replace.Space is limited and do not allow any alteration in the position of the implant for the result mimics the neighboring teeth. In this case optimal profiles of the lower tooth were achieved. The restoration with dental implant became imperceptible, integrating in harmony with the other natural teeth
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