Full mouth restoration

Costa Rica Full mouth restoration

Full mouth restoration

What is oral rehabilitation?

Oral restoration or rehabilitation is a part yet a wholesome prosthodontic approach resulting in proper function of oral cavity and aesthetics. Restorative dentistry ranging from recreating a tooth fragment, a resin, an inlay, a porcelain veneer, a crown, bridges, dental implants up to a full prosthetic denture for the patient.
The professional in charge must have acquired specialized training for over three years of a graduate program in order to attain the degree of expertise.
For Dr. Vargas this integral science goes beyond to an “architectural design” of the patient’s desired smile. From all the elements of diagnosis, a tri-dimensional waxed model made specific to each patient is made. Thus, the patient may visualize the treatment prior to start.

How is oral rehabilitation done?

Dr. Oscar Vargas Fernandez, well recognized prosthodontist, performs various processes for making a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. The dento-facial analysis (study of the face relative to the teeth) among other modern diagnostic protocols implemented by Dr. Vargas, aim to detail the needs of each patient. Moreover, Dr. Vargas a passionate researcher, is in continual education and updating his knowledge in United States.
Modern and cutting-edge extraoral and muscular examination, photography and digital video, accurate mouth molds, assembly of the bite, and thee-dimensional digital radiography techniques are employed. All this to achieve high standards of accurate precision in treatment. Once the diagnostic stage is complete we proceed to establish a schedule of the treatment plan and adjust it to the patient’s needs.

When is oral rehabilitation required?

Oral rehabilitation can be required in different situations in which the patient has lost some or all teeth and they must be replaced to restore function and aesthetics.
In many circumstances it is necessary to rehabilitate patients who have suffered accidents, traumas in the oral cavity for various reasons such as injuries in sports or traffic accidents.

In other situations, patients throughout their lives have experienced various problems with their teeth. The unfold causes a gradual partial or full lose of teeth.
In the process of losing their teeth, the patient’s masticatory efficiency is significantly reduced and the aesthetic appearance is compromised. All mentioned have a strong impact on the quality and lifestyle of the patient.
The lose of teeth places patients in difficult social situations: inhibits smiling, unable to chew properly and the person feels limited.
The benefit of a complete oral rehabilitation will have a major positive impact from every point of view in the quality of life. A person can fully feel recovered both psychologically and functionally.

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What types of treatments are done?

In oral rehabilitation different prosthetic techniques are used. They can be divided into two main groups as fixed and removable prostheses.
The removable prostheses (dentures) are a favorable solution bringing great benefits in a short time. Dentures quickly recreate the aesthetics and function of the patient and to improve retention in the mouth some dental implants can be used along. Yet they remain removable dentures with the consequences they have.
Fixed prostheses are probably the treatment of choice for people looking for a more natural dentition.
There are different designs of fixed prostheses that must be tailored to each specific case. Individualized diagnosis is important to determine aspects such as number of implants to be used, type of material, duration of treatment, bone regeneration to mention a few.
With fixed prosthesis it is possible to emulate the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

What care should a patient have after rehabilitation?

A very important aspect to consider, since care will have direct impact in terms of long-term success of the oral rehabilitation. Daily care of the patient is essential to maintain a healthy environment in the oral cavity. It is important to emphasize that the patients lifestyle as of hygiene and dietary habits should improve and change as these are often the causes of tooth loss.

Using a combination of techniques, depending on the condition of the teeth and the patient’s goals. Restorations require a number of appointments over several days, but the smile-transformation is well-worth the time and effort!Costa Rica Dental Services



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